Special Links

The links that are provided below reflect some of my passions - children, animals, gardening, "going green" and food. I know many of us are feeling squeezed financially. However, Operation Smile and Best friends both provide such a gift to two special and vulnerable groups that are not able to speak on their own behalf, but who give unconditional love: children and animals. Every dollar you give goes to such a worthy cause! Roger's Gardens and Laguna Nursery are not non-profits, but I often go to them to "green" my stressed out soul! Tradition by Pascal is one of my favorite restaurants in Orange County. It is very good for the soul also! When you go there, you must have dessert! www.catalogchoice.org enables you to block the mailing of catalogs of selected merchants, thereby saving a few forests. If you would like to see any other great links included, please e-mail me today. Thanks and enjoy!